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Drive Safely

Drive Safely
Drive Safely On The Highway of Life

A nice metaphor for our life is the notion of a Car on an Expressway. We are like a Car driving through the expressway of life.

Our Car will be driving for as long as it is functional and in good condition. If the Car is in good condition, the experience of driving on the highway will be pleasant. When driving on the expressway, we will encounter bad weather, accidents, and breakdowns. It is natural.

We all have our destinations(Goals) to reach, and we drive through our life crossing milestones that come along the way. If we are clear about the destination we are seeking, we will find our way to that destination. If we are not clear about where we want to go, we will be driving aimlessly on the highway of life.

We think we are in a race with other cars on the highway, but we are not. Every one of us has our unique journey to make.

If we know where we have to go on the highway, our drive has a purpose- To reach a destination. Reaching a destination is Success. Once we get to a destination, our car is ready to drive along to the next destination on the highway of life. The more destinations we visit, the more Success we notch up.

Distractions are like the exits along the highway that lead us astray away from the destination we seek. We need them so that our journey of life is not dull. Taking the Exit is easy, but it gets our Car off track. The Exit of Distraction will not allow us to reach the Destination of Success. We cannot afford to spend too much time on the side roads. After a break, we need to get off the exits back onto the highway.

We are driving for the long haul. Keep the Car in good shape. Be clear about your destination and stay on the expressway. Avoid taking stress while driving. You will reach your destination sooner than later.

Drive safely.

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