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It’s The Season Of Giving

season of giving
It’s The Season Of Giving

A wise woman was hiking through the mountains and found a precious stone on the banks of a stream. She picked up the stone and put it in her backpack.

The next day as she continued on her hiking trail, she came across another weary weather-beaten traveler who seemed exhausted and hungry. The lady wanted to help the traveler. She took some packed food out of her backpack to share with the traveler.

The traveler ate the food the woman shared and thanked her profusely for her kindness. As the lady put the leftover food back in her backpack, the precious stone she had kept in the bag popped out.

The traveler eyed the precious stone longingly and asked the lady if she would give it to him as it would help him buy a farm. Without any hesitation, the lady gave the stone to him and continued on her way through the mountains.

The traveler was overjoyed. He knew how precious the stone was and how it would support his need for a lifetime.

However, after just a couple of days, the other traveler followed the path that the woman had taken and managed to catch up with her. Finding her, the man handed over the precious stone and said, ” I know how valuable this stone is. But I give it back to you in the hope that you can give me back something even more precious.”

“Can you give me that you have within you that gave you the strength of generosity to give me the stone when I asked for it?”

The wise woman smiled and said, “It is not any strength. It is the joy of giving!!”

It’s the season of giving and generosity. I was reminded of this story narrated by one of my teachers in primary school. 

 I wish everyone a joyous and happy Christmas.

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