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Success Never Happens Overnight

Overnight Success Takes Years Of Effort
Overnight Success Takes Years Of Effort

Today, we live in a world that is overdosing on the overnight success drug.

The media and the world are having us believe that success is happening overnight to other smart people, and if you are struggling, you are a loser.

The storytelling everywhere focuses on the achievements, the awards, the recognition, etc., pushing everything else to the background. Unfortunately, everyone glosses over the years of hard work, physical and emotional labor, that have gone into producing the results.

When you open your social feeds and see a story of some multi-million dollar funding or someone you know striking it out on the cover of some business magazine, don’t get suckered.

The narrative would want you to believe that these folks have achieved everything there is to it and that they are the benchmark for success.

The reality will tell you something else. If you go below the surface, you will find stories of years of struggles and repeated failures before the success. You will realize that no one has any secret smarts because of which success happens overnight or comes easy.

As much as these stories, anecdotes are meant to motivate; they fall short of the objective spectacularly. All they do is pump out the overnight success story into our feeds. Consequently, we become impatient, thinking that our achievement must happen faster than it is taking. If it is not happening, we think we are losers to have it so hard and so long.

We need to stop believing the overnight success story. Anything worthwhile, anything significant, will always take time and effort. Success never happens overnight.

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