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Know Your Worth

Know Your Worth
Know Your Worth

A man was once cleaning the attic in his house when he discovered a hundred-year-old watch that his father used to wear when he was alive.

The man called his twenty-year-old son and said, ” take this watch to the jewelry store and check if they would be willing to buy it and, if so, how much would they be willing to pay for it.”

The son went to the jewellery store and came back with a report. ” Dad, the jewellery store owner said that this Watch is old and is not working. He is willing to offer two thousand dollars for it.”

“Ok, now take this watch to the Pawnshop and check how much they will be willing to offer.” the father said.

“The Pawnshop is offering only two hundred dollars for this watch. Same reason. Because it is not working and therefore is worthless,” The son reported back.

Finally, the father asked the son to take it to the Museum to check for the price. The son came rushing back and said enthusiastically,” dad, dad, the curator at the Museum offered Three Hundred Thousand Dollars
for this rare Watch so that it can go into their antique collection.”

I tell my kids this story often to instill in them the value of self-worth.

In the story- The Watch is the same, but different people value the Watch differently based on their context and perception. Thankfully the Watch is an object without a mind and does not suffer from any insecurities or low self-esteem. Therefore It gets the right value with the right person.

Unfortunately, as humans, we peg our self-worth based on the judgment and perception of others. We let someone else’s opinion of our worth define what we think of ourselves. We sell ourselves short just to fit in and please others. If someone says you are not good enough, you start believing that person. If a client says your product is not worth the price you are selling it for, you are happy to discount it.

There is only one person whose opinion matters when it comes to defining your value. That person is YOU. If you know your true worth, you will never settle for lesser. You will get what you deserve.

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