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The Way You Are Is Important

The way you are

For many challenges and problems we encounter in our day-to-day life, we look at what we are doing and try to tinker with that.

We think, “This strategy is not working, what can I do differently?”

But, often, the problem is not always with what we do. The issue is something else.

I have this mental model when it comes to doing anything.

Work On Yourself

The results you see when you do anything stem from the quality of your execution. Your execution quality is a function of not just “What You Do,” it is also a function of “The Way You Are.”

The Way You Are refers to your current physical state, mental state, and energy. If there is an imbalance on anyone the three pillars, you will see issues.

In today’s fast paced world, we are all corporate athletes.

To be effective, like any athlete, you have to be in great shape physically, mentally, and feeling energized. When you are in great form “the way you are,” you will experience great outcomes when you do whatever you have to do.

If you feel peaceful, energized, optimistic, don’t be surprised; whatever you do, you will be experiencing great results.

If you feel stressed, nervous, low energy, whatever you do, outcomes will be sub-optimal. You will find things not going your way, and this will stress you out more. Don’t try to WORK your way out of this state by doing more things aimlessly, unconsciously.

Instead, step back and acknowledge the fact that you are not in the best form. Knowing that you are not in the best state will fuel the reason for you to go on a self-discovery and personal development journey. Figure out how to get yourself into a good state. From a position of knowing WHY you want to work on yourself, build your routines and rituals to help you get into a great shape-“the way you are.”

Progress is not achieved by luck or accident but by working on yourself daily.


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