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Develop An Attitude Of Acceptance


When an electric motor develops a problem, the smooth flow of electricity that powers it is impeded. There is friction and resistance created, and the engine heats up and eventually gets destroyed.

Our brain and mind are like the motor powering our life, and the same physics that applies to an electric motor applies to us too.

Whenever we encounter any problem or issue that is not to our liking, if we operate with a mindset of resistance, we build up emotional heat that compounds into stress.

Something Happens + Acceptance = Positive emotional state.

Something Happens + Non-Acceptance = Negative emotional state.

  • There is something that is not to your liking. When you accept, It becomes tolerance. When you don’t accept, it becomes anger. 
  • You encounter a situation that entails risk-taking. If you accept, It becomes an adventure. If you don’t accept, It becomes fear. 
  • You come across someone who has something you don’t have, perhaps skill, position, wealth. You accept. It becomes an inspiration. You don’t accept; It becomes jealousy.
  • Somebody has done something to hurt you. If you accept, It becomes forgiveness. If you don’t accept, It becomes hatred.

When we accept the situation for what it is, we are always positive. When we operate with non-acceptance, we end up with negative emotions. Instead of worrying about what or who is disturbing you, ask yourself this.

 “What am I not accepting because of which I am disturbed?”

The moment you accept the situation, every negative emotion transforms into a positive feeling. Develop an attitude of acceptance, knowing that everything will not happen the way you wish for it to be.

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