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Please Buy The Ticket !!

Please Buy The Lottery

In a town, there was a well-intentioned, devout man who wanted to win the lottery. This man was a firm believer in God and the power of positive thinking. So everyday morning, he would sit in prayer seeking the grace of his almighty and visualize himself winning the lottery. One day, after a year of religiously requesting God every day and not winning anything, the man went into his morning prayer upset with God.

“My good lord, I can’t understand what’s going on. For the last year, every day, I have been praying to you to win the lottery. You know I am a good man, and I live in full faith that you will take care of me. Why is your grace not there for me? Why am I not winning the lottery?”

When the man said this, there was a stroke of lightning and a big Clap of thunder. A booming voice said, ” Do me a favor, my good man. Please buy the lottery ticket !!”

To achieve anything, you need to commit the necessary effort and enterprise. Hoping for success without putting in the work is just like wanting to win the lottery without buying the ticket. Yes, there is always the uncertainty of achieving success. But that uncertainty should not deter us from putting in the effort.

You have to buy the lottery ticket if you hope to win the lottery. You have to commit to the effort if you hope to achieve any success. So, please buy the ticket. You deserve to win the lottery !!

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