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Be The Right Person

The Right Person

The Best Person for a job is someone who can do the given role skillfully and exceeds expectations in terms of results. Such a person will perform strongly against Key Performance indicators and set objectives. The Best Person is typically the superstar who attracts all the attention for delivering strong individual results.

On the other hand, the Right Person has the ability to perform well against a set of objectives and has a great mindset, attitude, and values. The Right persons may not have the same skills as the Best Persons, but they are coachable and fast learners.

For the Best Person, only skill is the differentiator.
For the Right Person, attitude, values, and mindset are the differentiators.

Whatever role you may be doing, look to be the Right Person. It is far more valuable than being the Best Person for the job.

It is not for any other reason that in relationships we always say “this person is the Right one for me” and not ” this person is the Best one for me !!!

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