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If Something Doesn’t Go Your Way It Doesn’t Mean It Is A Wrong Choice

wrong choice

Whenever we make choices or decisions, we assume that the outcomes will be to our liking. Many times the results follow our expectations. But sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. When that happens, our natural disposition is to blame Read more…

Are You Ok With The Worst Case Scenario?

Worst Case Scenario

The quality of life we experience is a function of the decisions we have taken in our life. When it comes to making tough decisions, we always experience an internal tussle between the options that we think we want and the Read more…

Guard Your Peace

Guard Your Peace

Sometimes when dealing with people, you could encounter situations where you are not sure of the right thing to do. You are stuck between two conflicting choices. If you say something, it could potentially offend the other person and stress Read more…

If You Can’t Decide, The Answer Is NO

At different times in our life, we face difficult choices that involve doing or NOT doing something. The difficulty is that the outcome of the choice we decide on will significantly impact our future life. Choosing a life partner: Should I Read more…

Avoid Outcome-Focused Decision Making

For a long time, I had this wrong assumption that a Good Decision is one where the course of action I pick results in an outcome I desire. Thanks to some painful lessons learned over the years, I understand now Read more…