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Always Ask Why

Asking Why

We can all learn from kids. They are always curious, looking around and asking WHY to try and make sense of their world.

As adults, it is essential we also keep nurturing the child in us by asking the question WHY- But, with a completely different purpose- More to understand the world inside our heads.

  • Why do I think the way I think- What is the conditioning behind my thinking,
  • Why do I behave and react the way I do. What are the hidden emotions and unresolved issues I am grappling with?

Someone said it nicely. Adults lose their way when they lose their WHY.

Imagine you have this desire to get to the corner office or make a partner by the time you are thirty-five, and you will feel satisfied only when your wish is fulfilled. If you start to question WHY you think you need those things for your satisfaction, you will realize that it may be because you want to prove a point to someone, or you may be wanting to tell yourself and your friends you have achieved some status. 

When you ask yourself the WHY question, you will come face to face with your true intentions. You will better understand your values and, in the process, yourself better. Knowing yourself well is fundamental to feel more confident and reassured whenever you are making your life choices.

Aristotle said knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. That wisdom starts with you asking yourself WHY !! 

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