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Quit Worrying About Tomorrow


One of the bad habits that many of us have unconsciously acquired over the last year, through the pandemic, is an unhealthy obsession with the future.

“Did you see the latest Covid Numbers? What do you think the issue is? If this trend continues, what do you think will happen. Where will this end? Why can’t the government be more efficient………” This is a typical conversation I have with every other person, from my wife to my colleagues and friends.

The fact of the matter is that over the last year and more, everyone has worried almost every day about what will happen tomorrow. Over 450 tomorrows have become todays, and most of us have managed ok. Even those who have had to endure the pain of illness or loss of near and dear- they could not have done anything to prevent it from happening beyond taking the necessary precautions.

Worrying about tomorrow does nothing beyond screwing with your today.

Evidence is clearly telling you that today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday, and yesterday was the tomorrow you worried about the previous day.

We are all becoming experts at worrying about tomorrow because it has become a morbid fascination for many of us. To discuss how bad the situation is. It creates this illusion in us that we are connected to the pain of others when we discuss and worry about what will happen.

Unfortunately, this is a lazy concern that creates no change or value. If you can do something tangible to benefit and support those undergoing pain today, do it. Otherwise, get out of this closed-loop of worrying about what will happen tomorrow.

Focus on your today. If you are in good health right now, be thankful. Enjoy the privilege of being healthy and stay safe today. Do your work, have fun with your family, watch movies, do whatever you can within the confines and safety of your home and live a full life, today.

There is no tomorrow. It is just a today you saw yesterday. How is your today? Ok, isn’t it?!!!

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