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Imagination Is Key


You often need to make it up in your mind before you can make it happen in reality. Unfortunately, this is not how most people approach key tasks.

  • Your boss gives you are Project to complete. Instead of first visualizing in the canvas of your mind what a successful project outcome would look like, you straightaway jump into preparing a project plan.
  • The prospective client invites you to make a pitch. Instead of thinking about and visualising what key messages you want your prospect to take away from your presentation, you jump into making a canned sales pitch.
  • Where do I want to be in my career three or five years from now? What kind of life do I want to lead when I am past fifty? Instead of taking time to visualise the future you want, you jump into making career and life plans.

One of the most potent life skills is for professional and personal success is the ability to visualize an outcome. When you are able to imagine a particular outcome for any of the future scenarios, your mind automatically creates new pathways for ideas on how to get to the outcome you desire.

Albert Einstein famously said Imagination is more important than knowledge. How very true. It is our imagination of a possibility, our vision of an outcome, more than any structured plan or tool, that will help us get great outcomes at whatever we do.

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