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Less Is More

less is more

When faced with difficulties and challenges, sometimes we attempt to get out of the rut by trying very hard to do many things. We take on multiple priorities and tasks, hoping that some of the actions will pay off and Read more…

Your Next 5 Minutes

5 minutes

“They say thinking big, have a compelling vision. I say think small and do something super cool by the end of the day. Most people see excellence as some grand aspiration. Wrong. Dead wrong. Excellence is the next five minutes Read more…

What Truly Matters !!

what truly matters

The ultimate test of success is not whether you’re proud of what you’ve achieved. It’s whether you’re proud of who you’ve become. Accomplishments highlight your skills. Relationships reveal your values. If excellece is what you do, character is what you Read more…

Careful Or Careless ?


I was in a conversation with a friend last evening, and he made a passing remark that he is a very careless person. His comment triggered for me the memory of a blogpost  I wrote sometime in early 2021 titled Of Read more…

Weekend Story- Who’s The Happiest?


There was once a crow that was satisfied in life. One day, it saw a swan, and it started thinking- Wow, the Swan is so white while I am so dark !! The Crow went to the Swan and said Read more…

The Edge Is In The Inputs


Sharing this brilliant thought via James Clear’s Blog “The edge is in the inputs. The person who consumes from better sources, gets better thoughts. The person who asks better questions, gets better answers. The person who builds better habits, gets Read more…

Premeditation Of Evils

premeditation of evils

I am struggling with some issues at work, and I am trying to think positively, telling myself that everything will ok. But whatever I do, there is a voice in my head telling me things will go wrong, and I Read more…

Three Thoughts On Thinking Better

three Thoughts

A few thoughts were going through my mind this evening. I am penning them down in the spirit of my point number two.

Uplift Your Self-Confidence


All of us are born confident. However, as we grow through various stages in our lives, challenges, failures, and mistakes can sometimes derail and diminish our Self-confidence. For anyone who is struggling with confidence, here are eight quotes that will Read more…

Perfection Vs Getting Started


There are often situations – writing a proposal, presentation, research reports, etc., where we need to work on something and deliver an outcome. Unfortunately, in these situations, we get stuck between aiming for perfection and making progress in the face Read more…