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How’s Your Day ?


There are two types of goals we go after in our lives. Goals that you chose for yourself without pressure from anyone. These goals you wish to go after stem from a deep desire to express yourself rather than a Read more…

What Does Your Life Matrix Look Like?


There was a time during my mid-thirties where my work took precedence over everything else in my life. 12 hour weekdays and weekend working became the norm. Initially, working hard and long seemed like fun. I was with many like-minded Read more…

Messages That Reflect Life


I enjoy noting down in my daily journal messages I come across in books, podcasts and inspiring material I follow in my free time daily. Here is a list of fifteen powerful messages that I came across in the last Read more…

Having Life Goals Make You Happier Today

life goals

Imagine you set off on a road trip without any destination in mind. Would you enjoy the trip? Here’s my take. If you don’t know where you are going, it will become a decision-making nightmare. Every fork on the road Read more…

Your Emotions Are Your Internal Guidance System

Internal Guidance System

All commercial jetliners have something known as the Inertial Guidance System, without which it would be impossible to operate them. The purpose of the guidance system is to ensure that that aircraft does not stray too far from the flight path. The Read more…

Keep It Simple

keep it simple

Whenever we are caught in a job that requires some level of creativity, we tend to complicate our thinking. Somewhere in the back of our minds, we think it is more complex than it actually is, maybe because some others Read more…

Happiness Is The Common Currency

Happiness Is The Common Currency

I did a small mental exercise with myself as an idea for this blog post.  I picked a few typical desires anyone would have, and I asked myself a series of “why” questions to see where the chain of my Read more…

Meaning In Our Life

Meaning In Life

Here is an interesting thought experiment that Philosopher Robert Nozick describes in his book Anarchy, State, and Utopia. Imagine you are plugged into a Machine that has the power to provide you with “the experience of writing a great poem Read more…

Seek To Be Around Those Better Than You

Better than

I came across a great message that Google CEO Sundar Pichai gave at a public event a few days back.   He said that we should all strive to work with people who make us feel intellectually insecure. If you are Read more…

The Hamburger Theory And The Happiness Archetype

Happiness Archetype

Tal ben-Shahar is a professor at the Harvard University Teaching a top-rated course on Happiness. He has postulated the Hamburger Theory to metaphorically represent four different archetypes of people who approach life differently. The model looks like this. Type 1- Read more…