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Six Leadership Traits

leadership traits

I recently caught up with a young friend who is between jobs. He is moving into a senior management role with a regional mandate. He wanted some guidance and what he should do to be an effective leader. Having worked Read more…

Mimetic Theory- An Insight Into Our Desires

Mimetic Theory

We all know that life is lived by making choices. Where to work, what to study, which city to live in, whom to marry, what car or house to buy, which stocks to invest in, etc. The question is – Read more…

The Secret To A Good Career

Good Career

You can think of your career as a series of experiences you encounter in your professional life. When you envision the kinds of experiences you want and work to attain them, you are actively managing your career. In contrast, if Read more…

Pause, Reflect And Act

Emotional Maturity

Your Emotional maturity stems from your ability to increase the gap between your emotional impulse and your action. The more you can distance your responses from your emotional impulses, the more mature you are. Unfortunately, your emotional maturity is not Read more…

The Incredible Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic is an incredible person. He was born with no limbs- no arms, no legs. As he grew up, seeing what he did not have, he was depressed and, at one point, contemplated suicide. However, thanks to his parents’ Read more…

How Strong Is Your Faith?


Between our expectations and acceptance lies our faith, and in our faith lies our freedom. Everyone gets into something with the expectation of a positive outcome. But for me to realize my expectations, one critical element must be in place. Read more…

Instead Of Trying To Find Your Passion, Develop It


If one were to listen to a host of commencement speeches, most notably the one given by Steve Jobs about connecting the dots, the underlying message in almost all of them would be about following your passion. The template suggests Read more…

Diogenes’ Wisdom


In ancient Greece, a philosopher named Aristippus attained a favored position in the court of King Dionysus. He achieved this status through the constant flattery of the King. Aristippus constantly compared himself to Diogenes, a fellow philosopher. He once saw Read more…

Keep Quiet In These Eight Situations

Keep Quiet

Recently, I wrote about what makes a good listener. Good listeners know when to participate in a conversation and when to remain silent. Some people enjoy the sound of their own voices and like to talk a lot. I am Read more…

Mahatma’s Wisdom


If you were to ask an average Indian who their tallest leader is, most likely the answer would be Mahatma Gandhi, fondly addressed as the father of the nation. It’s his 152 birth anniversary today, and as the nation pays Read more…