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What Are You Looking For?

Job Change

I meet many people who come to me asking for guidance on what they should do when it comes to some job offers they have in hand.

“I have this offer, and I am confused. I don’t know whether I should take it up or not?”

This is always a tricky question, and there is never a straightforward response. However, there is a first-principles approach I encourage anyone looking for a job change to consider

  1. What prompted you to look out for a role outside in the first place? 
    1. Was it an opportunity to learn something new or
    2.  gain a different experience or  
    3. some dissatisfaction with the current place or
    4.  possibly making more money?
  2. How does this role fit into your long-term career objectives?
    1. Does it help you with plugging competency gaps or
    2. Does it help you pivot your career into something more relevant for the future?
    3. Does it fast-track your career progression?

An honest assessment of the two questions will often help the person come to terms with the real underlying motivation and gain clarity in terms of action to take.

I often suggest that people also consider a couple of other vital principles when considering job changes.

  1. If you are planning to move for money, move for reasons of substantial long-term benefit and not some limited short-term upside. A 20% hike in salary may look good, but you are getting into a new place, new role, whereas you have the benefit of experience and credibility at the current location. Don’t risk moving for money reasons if the upside is not substantial. 
  2. Pay attention to values and culture. Ensure that the new place you are going to aligns with your values. If you value a people-oriented setting and you get into an aggressive result-oriented setting, no amount of financial upside will compensate. You will feel miserable.

At the core, the clearer you are about what you are looking for, the more likely you will get what you are seeking. The Boat always reaches the right shore if it is clear about where it wants to go !!

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