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Weekend Story- The Couple On The Bus

Couple On The Bus

There was once a happy couple that enjoyed traveling every summer. One summer, they decided to visit a monastery in the upper reaches of a mountainous region. So they boarded a bus that would drive them up to a spot from where they could trek to the monastery. 

The couple boarded the bus, and as it started going through the winding roads of the mountainous region, they were enthralled by the pristine beauty of the locales around them. Instead of going up to the monastery immediately, the couple wanted to break their journey to enjoy the scenery. So, they requested the bus driver to pull over near one of the bends on the ghat road. The bus driver made a brief stop so that the couple could alight from the bus. Getting down, the couple bid the driver and the others in the bus goodbye. 

As the bus moved ahead, the couple heard a loud roaring sound a few minutes later. Startled, they turned back in time to notice a large boulder hurtling down and crashing into the bus. Luckily no one died, but many in the bus were seriously injured. 

The couple felt very bad for what had happened. Then, looking sadly at each other, they remarked in unison, ” I wish we were on that bus!!”

Here is a question. Why did the couple wish they were on the bus instead of feeling good that they escaped the ghastly accident?

The answer: The couple realized that If they had remained on the bus, everyone in the bus would have escaped the accident. Because there would have been no delay, and the rock would have fallen after the bus had passed. They realised that they were in a way responsible for the accident happening.

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