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Weekend Story- Perspective


One day in the autumn of his life, a famous writer began reflecting on his current situation and the challenges he was going through. So he opened his diary and started penning his thoughts.

  • I turned sixty this year, and I had to retire after a distinguished publishing career of thirty years. It was a job I enjoyed immensely, and I am missing it.
  •  This year, I have had to go through a stressful gall bladder surgery. The surgery was complex, and I was confined to my bed for close to 3 weeks. 
  •  This year, I experienced the sorrow of losing my father.
  •  This year, just a couple of months back, my son was involved in a horrific car accident. He was in a cast, bedridden for a couple of weeks. My son was driving my car, and it was completely destroyed in the accident, and the insurance company is paying me only 50% of the car value.
  •  What a bad year it was. Am I glad it is ending !!

Just as the writer was journaling his thoughts, his wife entered the room and noticed him looking downcast. She walked across to where her husband was sitting and looked at what he had written in his diary. The wife walked out of the room silently and returned a few moments later. In her hand, she had a sheet of paper with some points written down. She passed it to her husband.

Turning over the paper that his wife passed to him, the writer read what was written on it. 

  • For years I was suffering from pain in the gall bladder. I finally managed to go through surgery this year and have the issue sorted out. I am finally rid of the pain. 
  • This year I turned sixty in good health and retired after thirty hectic years of working. I am today free to write stories that I have always wanted to write in my own time without worrying about other issues. 
  • This year, after a rich and fulfilling life, my father passed on peacefully and met his creator without any medical complications or issues.
  • This year, God has blessed my son with a new life this year. My car was destroyed, but my son was safe despite some injuries. 
  •  What a blessed year this was. By the grace of God, this year has passed well. For that, I am grateful !!

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