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Friday Wisdom- Be Comfortable With Your Fears

Be comfortable with fears

I saw the latest edition of Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1 a few days back. What an incredible visual spectacle the movie was, with some breathtaking stunts executed by Tom Cruise. The biggest of the stunts was him doing a base jump off a speeding motorcycle from the top of a cliff in Norway. 

A friend passed me the link to an interview(Click Here) clipping published on Youtube Shorts. In the snippet, the interviewer asks Tom Cruise if he ever gets scared when doing these outrageous stunts. 

His response is pure gold. 

“I do get scared. But I just don’t mind being scared- That’s the difference. I like the feeling” 

A great life lesson for all of us. We shun the feeling of being scared and avoid anything that feels fearful. When we learn to be comfortable with our fears knowing that it’s just a feeling, and look beyond them, magic happens. When you face uncertainty of any sort- be it facing an audience, going on a bungee jump, or speaking up in a meeting- If you start with a negative connotation, it becomes fear. If, on the other hand, you attach a positive association, like Tom Cruise does, it becomes an adventure. 

So, be comfortable with your fears and experience the adventures you are missing out on !!

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