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It’s Ok To Do It Badly

Do it badly

A quote by Writer and Poet G.K. Chesterton says – If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.

When it comes to starting something new, something of consequence- e.g., a new project, taking up a challenging role, starting a blog- we often find ourselves holding back, thinking we are not ready. We believe a little more training, a little more skills to be acquired, and a little more experience under the belt. So we look for some imaginary perfection and end up doing nothing.

If you are someone struggling to get started on some stuff you have always wanted to do but somehow have not been able to get started, you will benefit from taking G.K Chesterton’s advice.


Doing it badly frees you up to take action, speeds up your decision-making, and catapults you straight into the action. Otherwise, you spend years, months, weeks, days, and hours paralyzed, wondering what to do or where to begin. DO IT BADLY frees you from the clutches of perfection and makes it easier to start something without worrying if you will do a good job or bad.

And the best part, as you look back after completing whatever you started, you will realize, more often than not, it’s actually not that bad. All your fears about not being ready or not being good enough or experienced enough are misplaced. You were always ready !!

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