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Weekend Story- Daughter’s Wisdom

Grateful for

A young single mother sat at her dining table, worried about taxes to pay, housework to do, and her extended family was coming over for lunch the next day. Life felt like a burden, and she was not feeling very good about life at that moment.

The mother’s gaze wandered to her daughter, and she noticed her writing something in her notebook, concentration writ large on her face. 

“What are you writing in the book, my dear?” the mother asked her daughter.

The daughter responded, “Today, my teacher assigned homework to all the students. We have to each write a short paragraph on “Negative Thinking.” She asked us to write down things we are thankful for. Things that make us feel bad at first but end up being good later. So, I am writing some ideas I have.”

Inquisitive, the mother went across to where her daughter was sitting and peered into the book. This is what her daughter had written :

  • I find exams stressful, and I feel anxious. But, I am thankful for the Final Exams because it means school is almost over.
  • I’m not fond of the medicine I take every day because it tastes horrible. But, I am grateful for the bad-tasting medicine since it makes me feel better.
  • I don’t enjoy the noise the alarm clock makes every morning. It disturbs my early morning sleep. But it’s great to wake up to the alarm clock’s sound because it means I’m still alive.”

After reading what her daughter had written, the mother felt sheepish. It dawned on her that she had a lot to be thankful and grateful for !!

Although paying taxes was a burden, it meant that she had a job, which was a blessing in these challenging times. 

The housework she had to do meant she had shelter for her family.

She had to prepare lunch for her many family members, but at least she had a family with whom she could celebrate.

Instantly, the mother’s mood changed. She felt good about life.

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