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Ask-Don’t Assume

Don't Assume

“He has so much experience; he should know what to do!!”

” Why do I need to waste my time explaining such simple stuff. It is obvious, and she is smart enough to get it.”

” He is scheming against my proposal.”

One of the easy mistakes many of us make at the workplace is that we make a lot of lazy assumptions about ourselves and others. We think whatever we say and do is transparent and everyone around us gets it. We mistakenly assume that others understand our point of view.

Similarly, we look at what others say and do, and we jump to making assumptions about their intentions and motives. We think we understand their point of view.

Often, making these wrong assumptions leads to stress and conflict in the workplace. People feel challenged in dealing with colleagues and teammates because they have all these assumptions about others swirling in their heads !!

So, here is a simple mental model to be better at relationships- Don’t assume anything- Always Ask.

So, if you:

Have a view about someone or something- Ask questions to clarify and seek to understand.

Want to be understood- Make the effort to explain. Don’t assume the other person gets what you have to say.

Want something- Explain your point of view and clearly state what you want.

If you want to be more effective in your relationships, embrace this mental model- Don’t assume anything. Always ask and seek to clarify.

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