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Honey Catches More Flies Than Vinegar.

Honey catches more flies

This afternoon, when dealing with a specific challenge that involved persuading a particularly difficult client, I was reminded of an old proverb a professor of mine at college used to quote- Honey Catches More Flies Than Vinegar.

Sometimes, when we are too focused on some outcome, we think people should operate to our tune because that is how we want it to be. And in the process, we tend to ride roughshod on people around us if we feel they are not aligned with our thinking. We mistakenly think being aggressive will make the other people do our bidding. So we get bossy- “Do this!” “Do that!” or “You had better do what I say or else ‚Ķ.”

Being aggressive, rude, or unpleasant with others rarely achieves the desired outcome. On the other hand, being polite, kind, and gentle is more effective any day. Hence the expression Honey Catches More Flies Than Vinegar.

There is no substitute for being nice and polite if you want to persuade others to do your bidding.

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