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Weekend Story-The Extra Mile

Extra mile

There was once a mechanic working at a small car workshop.

One day a client brought his car to the workshop for repair after it developed a problem. Aside from having some engine snag, the vehicle appeared extremely dirty and run-down.

Handing the car to the mechanic, the car owner said, ” I don’t know what the problem is, but my car keeps stalling as soon as I start it. Can you please check what the problem is and fix it.”

“Sure,” responded the mechanic, ” I’ll have a look at what the trouble is, and I will fix the issue. You can come back in a couple of days.”

The mechanic worked on the engine and fixed the problem in no time. The engine was as good as new. After fixing the issue, the mechanic, on a whim, decided to clean the car thoroughly since it was very dirty.

As he got down to clean the car, the mechanic’s colleagues ribbed him for taking on work that was unnecessary- “Why are you wasting your time cleaning up the car. The owner wanted you to just fix the engine trouble. What will you gain from doing all the extra work !!”

Ignoring their comments, the mechanic spent a couple of hours cleaning the car thoroughly. Very soon, the dirty car had transformed into a shiny clean one.

Two days later, the owner came around to pick up his car. His face lit up. He expected the engine to be fixed but did not expect the car to be sparkling clean. Thanking the mechanic, the owner said, “I own a fleet of 15 cars. I’d like you to come work for me. I’ll pay you twice as much as you make here”.

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