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Uphill Aspirations Vs Downhill Habits

uphill habits

The celebrated author, speaker, and leadership coach John Maxwell often talks about uphill and downhill habits.

Everything worthwhile in life-everything we want, everything we desire to achieve, everything we want to receive- is uphill.

Unfortunately, the problem is that most of us have uphill dreams and downhill habits. We trade our uphill hopes for downhill behaviors.


Downhill is easy. It has no requirements; it doesn’t take any emotional effort. It’s like feeling the effect of gravity, which is always pulling us down. We can all slide downhill in our sleep.

Unintentionality, Complacency, Inconsistency, and excuses are all characteristics of a downhill approach to life. There is no big-picture vision for the future, and only focus on instant gratification, doing what is required to survive today.


Uphill, on the other hand, is hard. Moving uphill requires intentionality, energy, determination, hard work, and consistency. It needs us to keep an eye on the big picture, be persistent, demonstrate character, and put in the necessary emotional commitment and discipline to deal with challenges and failures. The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are usually the same things when we operate with an uphill mindset.

If you have uphill ambitions, learn to embrace uphill practices and habits. They will help you align with your aspirations.

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