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Be An Efficient Communicator

Efficient communicator

Good communication is key to managing relationships effectively. 

Most people are proactive and positive in their communication approach when they have good news to share.

I have scored good marks, or I have won a prize, or the client has given me the order.

However, the same people go into a shell when they have negative news to convey. They start procrastinating because they worry about how the other person will take the news. 

I lost the order. My boss is expecting me to convey the good news. How do I convey the bad news that I have lost the order?

My parents wanted me to score a distinction. I have barely passed. What do I tell them?

News is news. Good, neutral, or bad is the coloring we give to the news based on context and expectations. 

Early in my career, one of my bosses gave me some sage advice on sharing news. 

You can take the stairs to convey good news, but please take the lift when you have to share bad news.

He was telling me to over-communicate, particularly when it came to the bad news of any sort.

If you take time to try and manage the situation because you don’t have an answer yet or because you don’t want to share bad news, the other party often ends up making assumptions about what the underlying issue might be without really knowing what the reality is. These assumptions and judgments could lead to interpersonal issues down the line.

The fact that the order is lost or that the exam results are bad will come out one way or the other. When you take the responsibility to communicate proactively, you show up being courageous and responsible. More importantly, you convey confidence and self-assurance.  

The silence of delayed and lagged communication frustrates and confuses people in a relationship with you. Therefore it is better to communicate early and often. This is key to being an efficient communicator.

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