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Weekend Story-Boundary


Once upon a time, on a serene island, resided two young boys. They spent most of the days repairing fishing nets and lobster traps. Their homes were located about a hundred meters from the island’s lighthouse, where towering cliffs of black rock rose above the sea. After toiling with the nets and traps, their favorite pastime was playing ball in a generous patch of grass that extended from their garden to the cliff’s edge. They would engage in their playful activities until the sun sank below the horizon, leaving them engulfed by the sea’s darkness.

However, they always had to be cautious, aware of the daunting cliff nearby. They had grown accustomed to this piece of land and had mentally established a boundary, about ten paces away from the precipice, beyond which rough and energetic play was not possible.

One day, a carpenter who had been working on the lighthouse made his way back down the cliffside path toward the village after a day’s labor. Passing through the boys’ playing area, he noticed their game and stopped to see them play. When the boys noticed the visitor, they eagerly rushed over to greet him.

“You boys could make the most of this land if there were a fence along the edge. I could construct one for you,” offered the carpenter.

“I do not doubt that you could build a sturdy fence,” replied the elder boy, “but the problem with fences is that they tend to keep out visitors like yourself.”

“We wouldn’t want to miss out on a traveler’s stories, or worse yet, an official bringing fireworks on New Year’s Day!” exclaimed the younger boy.

Understanding their perspective, the carpenter did not press the matter further and bid the boys farewell.

A few weeks passed, and upon returning from a brief trip to the mainland, the boys climbed the hill leading up to their grassy patch, only to discover the presence of a newly erected fence.

“Oh, that carpenter went ahead and did it even though we told him not to!” protested the elder boy, his fists clenched in frustration.

“Our beautiful grass patch looks so small because of this fence. This looks so uncomfortable!!” said the younger boy in disgust.

The boys sulked for some time. But not entirely deterred, they retrieved their ball and started playing. Initially, their movements remained cautious, and they kept a safe distance from the edge as they played within the confines of the mental boundary formed from how they played before.

However, gradually, their play became more uninhibited and spirited as they threw, chased, and ran with increased enthusiasm. They executed new, more aggressive moves that they could never imagine doing without the safety of the fence. Even as the sun set, they continued playing, no longer fearful of slipping across the edge, fully immersed in the joy of playing.

Suddenly, the sound of clattering metal disrupted their game’s harmonious flow. Looking up, they saw a traveler dressed in unfamiliar attire walking across their field.

“Hello, traveler! Welcome!” shouted the elder boy. “But pray tell, sir, how did you manage to overcome this formidable fence?”

“Through the gate installed along the path,” replied the traveler with a smile. “Now, if you boys happen to know how to brew a pot of tea, I would be delighted to share a few tales in return!”

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