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‘My Work’ Or ‘Their Work’?

My work

We all express ourselves through our work.

Musicians express themselves through their music, coders through the code they write, leaders through their actions, and writers through their words.

The work you do is your statement. It carries your stamp, telling others something about you.

Now, there are two approaches you can take toward your work. You can view it as work assigned by your boss, team, or organization or embrace it as “your” work.

When you say, “I am doing my work,” it becomes personal; and this mindset can make all the difference.

You can only leave a mark of excellence when you take the work personally. In contrast, if you think of your work as someone else’s priority, e.g., “My boss wants me to do it,” you are approaching the task as a tick in the box. You are doing something for the sake of doing it.

Regardless of the nature of your work, you have the power to view it as either “my work” or simply “the work I do for someone (boss, team, client, etc.).”

The distinction between producing high-quality and mediocre output ultimately boils down to your choice in how you approach your work. So, the next time you ship your work to anyone—a client, your boss, your peers—take a moment to reflect on the statement you want your work to make. If you think of it as “my work,” naturally, it will reflect the best you have to offer, always.

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