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Play Your Own Game

Play YOur own game

He has an admission into a better college. That colleague has received a bigger pay-hike than I have. Those friends have gone on a holiday while I am stuck here, working. That friend has got a great break at this Read more…

Law Of The Garbage Truck

Law of the garbage truck

Thirty years ago, while riding in a New York City taxi, international keynote speaker and positive psychology leader David J. Pollay narrowly escaped a life-threatening car crash.  The driver who almost caused the accident started yelling at the cab driver, Read more…

Share And Learn Better

share and learn better

You learn something new every day whenever you work on something you love (or do what you love). The learning could happen in multiple ways. It could be something you observed, experienced, or read that made you pause and think, Read more…

Are You Open Minded?

Open Minded

If someone were to ask you, “Are you an open-minded person or a closed-minded person?” what would your response be? When I asked myself this question, the answer I gave myself was a resounding” obviously; I am an open-minded person.” Read more…

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

prevention is better than cure

I remember coming across this funny little poem that owes its origin to Benjamin Franklin when I was young. For want of a nail, the shoe was lost,For want of a shoe, the horse was lost,For want of a horse, Read more…

It’s Ok To Be Wrong

It's Ok To Be Wrong

One of the common mistakes I committed in my younger days was to focus too much on being right all the time. A colleague would point out an issue in my proposal, and I would work extra hard at trying Read more…

Hanlon’s Razor- A Mental Model To Deal With Our Defensive Reactions

Hanlon's Razor

Misunderstandings and neglect create more confusion in this world than trickery and malice. At any rate, the last two are certainly much less frequent.  This is a brilliant quote by Wolfgang Goethe, the German Philosopher. We spend a large portion Read more…

Same Words,Different Meaning

same words different meaning

A few days back, my family and I were on the road driving to someplace when my son sitting in the back asked me to “increase the Aircon.” So, instinctively, I increased the Aircon temperature in the car from 22 Read more…

Weekend Story- Paradox Of Trust

Paradox Of Trust

A couple of weeks back, I wrote about Five Paradoxes of our life, one of which was the paradox of trust. The more you don’t trust others, the more you will not be trusted. During a conversation with my son Read more…

My 21 Rules Of Life To Guide Me In 2022

21 Rules of life

In 2020, I wrote about the Ten Rules Of My Life- a manifesto of the important values I use as a GPS to live my best life. As I keep taking in new experiences, new people, new conversations, and new Read more…