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Are You Ok With The Worst Case Scenario?

Worst Case Scenario

The quality of life we experience is a function of the decisions we have taken in our life. When it comes to making tough decisions, we always experience an internal tussle between the options that we think we want and the Read more…



There a many times I remind my kids about the privilege they have – education, a good life, opportunities. They always retort back, saying that I am a party pooper, always trying to take a moralistic view of even the Read more…

Fall In Love With The Work, Not The Identity


I have a friend who is an expert at tracking the equity markets and investing in stocks. He has made many investments that have gone on to become blockbusters earning him great returns. My friend’s passion for investing is infectious. Read more…

Stay Connected With The Familiar


I am not very good with my sense of direction, and this weakness often gets me into trouble when I go to big shopping malls with multi-storied parking lots. It has happened many times that I have parked my car Read more…

Ego Complaining Is Futile


Everyone has an inherent tendency to take a position or a viewpoint on everything. If something is to our liking, we soak it in. If we feel something is not what we want it to be, we take a position. Read more…

Don’t Protect Your Ignorance


A few weeks back, I was in conversation with a very distinguished senior executive regarding a business proposal. Somewhere in the middle of the conversation, the gentleman brought up a technical point on something I was proposing, and I was Read more…

Go Easy

Go easy

“Why are you driving so fast? It doesn’t matter how fast you go. We will save only four or five minutes. What will saving five minutes do. Just go easy.”   This is something my wife often tells me whenever I Read more…

Are You Feeling Stuck?

Feeling Stuck

All of us want to be very good at whatever we do. When things are going well, we are happy. But when things don’t go according to plan, we feel stuck. We feel like progress is not happening. Whenever we Read more…

Don’t Delay The Good

Don't Delay The Good

Once a wealthy merchant navigated the high seas going from one state to another when his boat got caught in a raging storm and capsized. The Merchant was marooned, holding onto a log of wood and trying not to drown. Read more…

Our Mind Is A Magnet For Negative


You get a great year-end bonus, and you are super happy for a few hours. The next day you would have pretty much forgotten about it. Likely, you have already moved on from that positive news. Alternative scenario: You expect a Read more…