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If Something Doesn’t Go Your Way It Doesn’t Mean It Is A Wrong Choice

wrong choice

Whenever we make choices or decisions, we assume that the outcomes will be to our liking.

Many times the results follow our expectations. But sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. When that happens, our natural disposition is to blame the decision- “I made the wrong choice. I should have been more careful !!” And, somewhere through this, we develop a fear of making decisions- “What if I get it wrong?”

There are many factors we don’t control, and they can play a significant role in how the results play out. Therefore if something doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean we made the wrong choice.

The fact is the world is full of probabilities, not certainties.

Instead of getting stuck by inertia when it comes to decision-making, the right approach would be to figure out if the probabilities favor you and keep taking shots.

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