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Friday Wisdom

Jim Rohn Quotes

Here is this week’s edition of five curated wisdom quotes of Jim Rohn to inspire us as we step into the weekend. Have a great one.

Weekend Story- Fire & Water

Fire and Water

In the fourth century B.C., hidden within the state of Lu, lay the district over which Duke Chuang governed. The district, though small, had prospered exceedingly well under Chuang’s predecessor. But since Chuang’s appointment to the post, its affairs had Read more…

Friday Wisdom


I am a subscriber of James Clear’s Blog. Every week he publishes three original quotes that convey some really powerful wisdom. Out of the many he has published over the last few weeks, here are five of my favorites that Read more…

Savor The Work

savor the work

We are in an era of hyper-competition, and anxiety is an all-pervading emotion. Students fret over their annual results, professionals worry about their next appraisal, and business owners feel the pressure of their bottom lines. Unfortunately, for many of us, Read more…

Weekend Story- The Pastor’s Test

A lady in a small town once went to the Pastor and said, “Dear Pastor, I won’t be going to your church anymore..” The Pastor was surprised. This lady was a regular at the Church. “Why do you want to Read more…

It’s A Matter Of Time

matter of time

Our life is an endless pursuit of desires and goals, and if we fail to materialize our desires, we experience a sense of disappointment and defeat. I’ve also encountered my fair share of disappointments along the way. That said, I’ve Read more…

Thorough Preparation

thorough preparation

Feeling anxious about your upcoming exams? Nervous about tackling a challenging assignment? Worried about acing that critical presentation? Most insecurities stem from a fear of the situation going wrong and not being able to handle the fallout. What must one Read more…

The Fallacy Of Willpower


We all love to believe that willpower is a significant factor in how we operate every day, particularly on those difficult tasks. “let me try a little harder; hopefully, I’ll lose the excess weight,” we think. The same goes for Read more…

How To Do Great Work

Great work

If you are someone who has the ambition to achieve something big in your life and career, you need first to recognize that big achievements mean solving big problems. Just as an example, solving a billion-dollar problem is thousand times Read more…

Eleanor Roosevelt’s Wisdom

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was a remarkable woman who played a significant role in shaping American politics and society during the mid-20th century. She was also a great thinker. I have, written down in my journal, some of her great quotes, that Read more…