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Questions To Prep You For The Day

“How do you start your day ?”

This was a question, a mentor of mine asked me, when I requested him for tips to be more productive and effective at work..

I was obviously taken aback.

“What do I do? I wake up around 6.30 am-6.45 am, I freshen up, 4 days a week I go for a run, I come back home, have a bath, have my breakfast and get to office by 9 am.”

“Let me give you a challenge. For the next 1 month , start your day differently. First thing, after you wake up , start by asking yourself these questions and see what happens. “

  1. What are my Top 3 goals that I need to focus on today?
  2. What are the Top 5 tasks I need to complete today?
  3. What can I do to be fully engaged and focused for the day?
  4. What is that one action I can take to demonstrate excellence?
  5. Is there something that could trip my emotional state today and if yes, what is the best possible way to deal with that?
  6. Whom do I need to connect with and build a positive relationship?
  7. Whom could I surprise with a note or a word of gratitude or appreciation.?
  8. What would a successful day look like, for me today.?

I had habit of working on my “to do” list after reaching office and here my mentor was telling me to ask myself some questions and also give myself the answers to these questions, right at the start of the day.

Even though I was skeptical , I did as my mentor suggested. In less than a week, I found myself breezing through my days with clarity and focus. I became less stressed, more in control.

Powerful questions spark focus and creativity. My mentor knew the secret and passed it to me. By committing just a few minutes to this daily morning process of self-inquiry, I was setting up my day for success. This process of asking myself these questions and seeking my own answers, soon became a indispensable early morning routine for me.

I became more productive and more effective both at work and personally.

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