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Journey Of Life

Our life is like a  Car moving from destination to destination. The driver’s view of the world outside and ahead, is through the windscreen.

What is the typical experience of driving a car when It is moving from point A to Point B? There is traffic that the driver has to maneuver through. There are elements to deal with-rains, bad roads,slush. As the car ages,  it starts developing snags and issues. The car and the windscreen in particular have to be kept in good condition and clean all the time.

For the driver, the experience of the journey is based on the condition of the car and the view of the outside world as seen through the windscreen. If the condition of the engine is bad or If the windscreen is dirty, the whole experience of driving the car is uncomfortable.

If the engine is not kept in good condition, there is a possibility of breakdown.

If the windscreen is not kept clean and is dirty, there is a possibility of an accident.

So, to have a great driving experience, both the engine and the windscreen have be kept in good condition and clean.

I am both the driver and the car.

  • The driver is my consciousness that is experiencing the journey.
  •  The car with the engine, the chassis, is my body
  • The windscreen is my mind.

Just like I take care of keeping my car in good working condition, I need to take care of my body and keep it in good working condition. My lifestyle determines the condition of my body. The kind of food I eat, quality of sleep, stress, etc can damage the engine and lead to a breakdown.

Similarly, just like I keep the windscreen of the car clean, I need to keep my mind clean. My limiting beliefs, my negative thoughts, emotions and my ego are the grime, the dirt and the stains that glaze the windscreen and impede the clarity of my consciousness.

The destinations we seek out are like the goals we pursue in life. All of us need to develop a set of daily routines to ensure that the journey we undertake every day to reach our destination, is pleasant and enjoyable.

  • Morning walks and stretches to keep my body in decent condition,
  • Morning meditation to keep my mind clear.
  • Daily Journaling to have clarity on my destination for the day.

These are the routines to keep my car in ship shape. The condition of my car has a direct bearing on the journey of my life.

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