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Premeditation Of Evils

premeditation of evils

I am struggling with some issues at work, and I am trying to think positively, telling myself that everything will ok. But whatever I do, there is a voice in my head telling me things will go wrong, and I Read more…

Getting Out Of Negative Thinking

Negative Thinking

Many of us suffer from the challenge of negative thoughts that keep swirling in our heads every time we encounter a challenge. Much as we want to avoid negative thinking, we find ourselves helplessly caught out. There are three big Read more…

Be The (Wo)Man In The Arena

Man In The Arena

In 1910, Theodore Roosevelt, the youngest president in the history of the United States, gave what would become one of his most quoted speeches titled “Citizenship in a Republic”. This speech would become famous over the decades as the “The Read more…

Value Time

value time

When asked, “what’s the biggest mistake we all make in life,” the Buddha replied thus. The biggest mistake we all make is that we don’t appreciate the value of time. We think we have unlimited time, but we don’t.  Time Read more…

Be Ok To Look Ignorant


If you wish to improve, you must be willing to look clueless or stupid about something. In the quest for greater understanding, you should be ready to ask questions, even if you risk looking dumb in the process. If you Read more…

Get Off The “If” Train

If Only

The language we use to process our experiences often reveals a lot about our mindset. I have written about this in two of my early blogs- Be Mindful- Words Have Power and Be Careful-Watch Your Internal Language. The core message in both these Read more…

Three Steps To Deal With Your Anxiety

Deal With Anxiety

When in a work setting, no matter what position you may be in, there will be many situations where you will feel a sense of anxiety. The source of the anxiety could be a looming deadline, lack of business traction, Read more…

It’s Ok To Be Wrong

It's Ok To Be Wrong

One of the common mistakes I committed in my younger days was to focus too much on being right all the time. A colleague would point out an issue in my proposal, and I would work extra hard at trying Read more…

Same Words,Different Meaning

same words different meaning

A few days back, my family and I were on the road driving to someplace when my son sitting in the back asked me to “increase the Aircon.” So, instinctively, I increased the Aircon temperature in the car from 22 Read more…

Be Aware Of The Law Of Conformity

Law of conformity

If you hang out with five drug users regularly, very likely you will end up being the sixth drug user very soon. In contrast, if you spend time with five high achievers regularly, you will likely evolve into the sixth Read more…