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Trust Your Intuition


Many years back, as a junior executive, I was managing a project in its critical stage. The project, which involved many cross-functional stakeholders, was encountering some issues, and I “felt” that I should inform the project sponsor about the impending Read more…

Don’t Lead By Intentions


“He wished he was nicer to people.”“She wanted to be more courageous.”“He hoped to do some good work at all the places he worked.”“He wanted to build a great business.”“She desired to be a role model for others.” The day Read more…

Thorough Preparation

thorough preparation

Feeling anxious about your upcoming exams? Nervous about tackling a challenging assignment? Worried about acing that critical presentation? Most insecurities stem from a fear of the situation going wrong and not being able to handle the fallout. What must one Read more…

Diderot Effect

Didero effect

During my last weekend reading, I came across an idea called the Diderot Effect. It’s a fascinating phenomenon that gets its name from the French philosopher Denis Diderot. The story goes that in 1765, Diderot, who had a simple and Read more…

Three Truths

three truths

If you are in any sort of people business- parenting, leading, project managing, etc.- there are three truths you need to accept.   If They Wanted To Or If They Could, They Would When the other person doesn’t do your bidding, Read more…

Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart

Afraid of following your heart? Unsure of taking up something that you are passionate about? Putting off pursuing that dream you have always had? Anytime anyone comes to me with a career or life dilemma, not because they don’t know Read more…

Premeditation Of Evils

premeditation of evils

I am struggling with some issues at work, and I am trying to think positively, telling myself that everything will ok. But whatever I do, there is a voice in my head telling me things will go wrong, and I Read more…

Getting Out Of Negative Thinking

Negative Thinking

Many of us suffer from the challenge of negative thoughts that keep swirling in our heads every time we encounter a challenge. Much as we want to avoid negative thinking, we find ourselves helplessly caught out. There are three big Read more…

Be The (Wo)Man In The Arena

Man In The Arena

In 1910, Theodore Roosevelt, the youngest president in the history of the United States, gave what would become one of his most quoted speeches titled “Citizenship in a Republic”. This speech would become famous over the decades as the “The Read more…

Value Time

value time

When asked, “what’s the biggest mistake we all make in life,” the Buddha replied thus. The biggest mistake we all make is that we don’t appreciate the value of time. We think we have unlimited time, but we don’t.  Time Read more…