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You Are The Architect

In a kingdom, there was a very skillful architect who spent all his adult life, creating amazing structures right from palaces, forts, to artistic mansions. He was a source of pride, and the King was very fond of him.

One day the architect goes to the King and says, “My lord, I have had the privilege of working with you and creating some remarkable structures. Time has come for me to take a break. I have decided to retire. Kindly relieve me of my responsibility”.

The King says, ” Sorry, I can’t let you go just yet. I have one more important project for you to complete before I let you retire. I need you to build a mansion for me.”

The architect is very upset and frustrated. He was ready to retire-“So many years I have served him without asking for anything. Today when I want to retire, the King does not want to relieve me. He is treating me like a slave. How can he be so unfair !!”

What to do? He cannot say No to the King. With a dark and disturbed mind, he designs a mansion and starts the construction work. His heart is not in the work . The design of the house has flaws. Also, he starts neglecting the very things he was renowned for in his work earlier.

In the past, if there were even a small problem or flaw, the architect would not hesitate to bring the structure down to have the imperfection rectified so that the final outcome was always of the highest standard and quality. That is how he had achieved world renown. Now, he is not bothered. When the workers ask him for guidance on what materials to use and how to deal with technical issues, he is indifferent. “Do whatever is ok. Don’t waste my time.”

Finally, the Mansion is ready. Instead of being a symbol of excellence, it is a building of compromises. The architect knows it in his heart that the final product is flawed. He is still seething with resentment about how the King wasted six months of his retirement time in forcing him to build this last house.

He goes across to the King,” Your highness, here are the keys to the Mansion.”

The King promptly hands over the keys back to the architect saying, “this is my retirement gift for you. I wanted to surprise you. All your life, you did so much for me and the kingdom. I wanted to give you something extraordinary. Who else but you can create the world’s best Mansion. You deserve the best. That’s why I wanted you to build a masterpiece for yourself.”

The architect is crestfallen. “How could I let myself down like this. If only I had known, I was building the house for myself; I would not have compromised.”

The Mansion is like your house, and you are the architect of your life. Everything in your life is your creation. Your actions are shaping your life all the time. Will you operate with the highest integrity, giving your best and create a life of excellence that people will look up to and aspire for or will you create a life of compromises.

Just like it was for the architect, the power to create a beautiful life for yourself is in your hands. Whether you create a life of excellence depends on the choices you make and the approach you take to shape your life.

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