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Make Your Day Count

How did you spend your time last week? When you think back, does the week that went by feel like a blur, like a dream you know you had, but you barely remember.

In the current “Work from Home” world, everyone is on a Busy Bandwagon.

“How is the day going?” “Super busy, rushing from call to call busier than ever” is the constant refrain.

Busyness almost seems like a badge of honor. If the calendar is not getting filled up with activities and the “to do” task list is not growing, it makes us uncomfortable ” am I missing out on something?”

But this doesn’t just end there . When we get off the “Busyness” treadmill, we get sucked into the Infinity pool of internet – Mobile Applications and other sources of endless replenishing content like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. If you pull to refresh, its an infinity pool. If it streams, its an infinity pool.

To prevent the Busy Bandwagon and Infinity Pools from turning our days into a blur of meaningless activity, we have no choice but to become more intentional about what we do.

One way is to anchor our life to some core activities that we do with intention. We can plan our days around some “peak moments” that give meaning and substance to our daily existence.

“What will the highlight of the day be?” Is there something essential and urgent that if you complete will feel like you have made some progress. It could be sending out a proposal or managing an important project meeting or making a sales pitch.

“At the end of the day, what would give me satisfaction” Is there something that you always wanted to do that you can do for yourself everyday . Writing a Blog, Completing a module in the online course you are undertaking, reading a book.

“When I reflect on my day, what experience would give me the most joy?” This question relates to people you love spending time with or activities that give you joy. Activities you want to do for the sake of doing it- cooking, playing cricket or football with your child, going for a leisurely walk with your spouse.

When you plan your days around Peak moments relating to the important, satisfying, and joyful activities you do, you will leave a trail of markers that reminds you that your days, weeks and months were intentional and well spent.

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