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Practice With Intensity

Intensity in Practice is important

Driving my kid back from his cricket practice a few days back, we got discussing the intensity and quality of effort that one should put during training so that when the real game happens, one is ready.  

Whether it is completing schoolwork, or putting up a corporate proposal, or preparing for an important client presentation, we sometimes tend to take it easy, thinking that this is just the practice and not the main show. We show up being ordinary. We kid ourselves that we will somehow “rise to the occasion”, and make it right when the critical moment comes. It rarely works that way. 

The results we generate are directly proportional to the quality of the effort we have invested in preparation. High-quality preparation leads to high-quality results. 

An old warrior quote says, “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.” For this to be true, you first need to commit yourself to the preparation, with intention. You need to approach the practice as if it is the main game so that when the real game happens, it feels easy like it is a practice session.

The bottom line is this-Don’t skimp and cut corners in training and practice. If you fail to train with intensity, you train to fail with certainty!!

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