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Are You Rich Or Poor?


All of us have deep-rooted desires and aspirations that we want to manifest as reality in our lives.

Ambition is the willingness of our commitment, effort, and labor to achieve our deepest aspirations. When we achieve anything we aspire for, it results in fulfillment and personal satisfaction.

It is not the size of one’s material assets that determines whether one is rich or poor.

It is one’s Ambition or lack of it that determines whether one is rich or poor.

All of us must have this “Fire” called Ambition burning inside. This fire stokes the emotional energy required for us to pursue our goals with passion and commitment.

What skills will you hone, what strengths will you harness, what proficiencies will you develop, what weakness you will overcome, what relationships you will nurture? The answer to all these questions is rooted in the Ambition that is powering you.

The is nothing more debilitating than resting on the satisfaction of past accomplishments. Anyone who is resting on the pride of yesterday’s achievement is likely stagnating today.

It is your aspiration that shines a light on what you should be doing today to prosper tomorrow.

When you wake up, do you have an Ambition that fuels your day with energy, or are you listless going through the motions of the day, ticking off the items in your to-do list.

Are you Rich or Poor- Your Ambition will give you a clue !!

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