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Focus Your Energy On Your Circle Of Influence

Circle of influence
Circle Of Influence

As the Pandemic slowly recedes and the world is trying to limp back to some semblance of normalcy, many are expressing a nagging uncertainty about the future.

“What should I be doing” “How should I be responding,” “What should I be prioritizing.”

Old classics are timeless for their wisdom and are relevant for all times. I take solace in Steven Covey’s book “The seven habits of highly effective people,” where the first principle is on “Being Proactive.” The essence of this principle is about taking responsibility for your life. Proactive people focus on their “Circle of Influence” and do not waste any time on their “Circle of Concern.”

Circle of Influence- I can do something about it.

Circle of Concern- I am concerned about certain things and issues. However, I have no control or influence on those.

  • I have an idea that I wish to communicate through my blog, and I write about it. Blog writing and delivering an idea is in my Circle of Influence. However, whether my message resonates with my readers, and if it triggers any change, I have no control. The response, judgment, or appreciation of the readers is my Circle of Concern.
  • You pitch your product or solution to your Clients in the best way possible. The quality of your sales pitch is your Circle of Influence. Whether your clients acknowledge the value of your solution and adopt it is not in your hands. The client response is your Circle of Concern.
  • A friend of yours has been made redundant at his workplace. You introduce him to your CXO contacts. Introducing him is your Circle of Influence. Whether your friend gets picked up by the people you introduced him to, is your Circle of Concern. You have no control.

In our lives, we all have a Circle of Influence and a Circle of Concern.

No matter what the issue may be, if the focus of my intelligence is on my Circle of Concern, except dissipating my emotional energy, nothing else ever happens. You need to come to terms with this simple truth. There are some things you can control, and most things you can only be concerned about.

It stands to reason, our Circle of Influence is always much smaller than our Circle of Concern.

However, when we are laser focussed on putting all our energy and effort in pursuing whatever is there in our circle of influence, slowly but surely, our sphere of influence expands. Elements that were a part of your circle of Concern come within your circle of influence.

For example, you are a junior member of a team, and no one seeks your opinion on any agenda. However, as you credibly deliver high-quality results, you expand your influence, and your team starts trusting you more. In due course, you become indispensable for providing your inputs on all new agendas. Your circle of influence has expanded.

On the contrary, for those who keep knocking their heads on the Circle of Concern more, reacting to circumstances, their Circle of Influence will systematically shrink. They will find themselves becoming marginalized.

So, for your well being, focus on what you can control. On your Circle of Influence, ensure you give your best, and on your Circle of Concern, don’t waste your time.

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