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Distance Creates Clarity


Clarity always comes when you create some distance between yourself and any issue you may be struggling with. It’s a bit like trying to figure out a blurred photograph. The further you place the photo, the more precise the image appears. It’s the same with our daily issues and challenges.

E.g., you have been working on this problem for three days continuously, and you are just not able to crack it. In such a situation, when you create a distance between yourself and the problem, you are more likely to solve the problem.

The distance can be in the form of time- I’ll take a break and look at it later.
The distance can be in the form of attention- I’ll focus on something else.

When you are in the heat of an argument with someone, becoming angrier by the minute, the thing to do for you is to create distance. Pull yourself out of the situation, go for a walk or a drive. Let your anger subside, and then revisit the conversation- you will find yourself being more clear-headed and capable of dealing with the conversation more effectively.

When you are struggling to decide on something, create a distance from the issue. Give yourself a break. Take time off and release yourself from the pressure to decide. Focus on something else. When you separate yourself from the immediate issue, it will create that space in your mind for clarity to emerge. The right decision will present itself naturally from the confusion.

Meditation is one great way I know to create distance between thoughts, emotions swarming in your head, and actions. When you create space between your feelings and your actions, you become better at objective decision-making because you have clarity.

Sometimes you just need to distance yourself from the issues to see clearly.

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