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Unburden Your Negative Emotions

negative emotions

Any food that we consume gets digested, and our body then needs to push out the unwanted waste within a day. If the body does not excrete the waste for more than a day or two, it will quickly lead to medical issues.

We all need to hydrate ourselves with water regularly. Imagine you keep drinking water, but all of it gets retained in your body without being released. If your body retains water beyond a few hours, it can cause serious trouble. 

We cannot hold on to the air we breathe in for no more than a few seconds, and if we don’t exhale, we can die out of suffocation. The same air that is life-giving can become poisonous unless we exhale and take in the fresh air. 

What is true for our physical body is right for our mind too. Negative emotions like anger, jealousy, fear can make our minds toxic, leading to mental issues if we keep them holding them in our mind for a long time. 

Our body has a natural built-in system to remove unwanted food, water, and air without us being even aware of the process. It’s a physiological process that happens automatically.

But unfortunately, it’s not how it works with our minds. We need to consciously work on purging the toxic emotions out of our inner systems.

Unburden Your Negative Emotions

There are three ways you can consciously cleanse our emotional baggage regularly.

  1. Write your feelings down on a piece of paper. Writing your feelings on paper acts as a cathartic process by channeling out negative emotions and feelings. I have written about this practice in one of my earlier posts.
  2. Open your heart and confide to someone you trust intrinsically. Sharing your feelings lightens the toxic burden of emotions you carry. This also has the added benefit of getting some advice and guidance for dealing with the negativity.
  3. Lastly, you can commit yourself to some routine of Meditation that will help you deal with the negative emotions. If you are new to this, take some help. There are quite a few options just a google click away.

If held in our hands for more than 5 minutes, even a simple glass of water can feel like a considerable burden. It’s not the weight but the duration for which you hold the glass that causes the problem.

So it is with our emotional baggage. If held on for a long time, it will cause problems.

We need to find ways to reduce the burden as fast as possible. This is a key to a positive life.

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