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My Top Twenty For The Year 2020

Top Twenty in 2020
Look Beyond The Virus

2020 has been a tough year for many.

I have also had my share of tough and painful moments- some setbacks and a few heartbreaking bereavements.

But as 2020 ends, I cannot but look at the Year’s balance sheet and count the many blessings that the Year has bestowed. 

I am listing Twenty things that I can look back in the future about the year 2020 and feel good about.

Our mind has this sticky tendency to amplify the negative moments instead of the positive ones. So, It took me some time to reflect on the many things I am proud and grateful for in 2020. But once the momentum got created, it was pretty easy to list the points in no particular order.

No doubt, this year will go down as the Year of Covid for all of us. But it doesn’t have to be only about the Pandemic. Like I am doing here, take a few moments to list what have been your memorable and grateful moments for the Year. I am sure you will come out feeling good about yourself at the end of the exercise.

Here is my Top 20 for 2020.

  1. Executing on a long-held promise to myself to start a daily blog with 400+ followers reading my blog daily. 350+ Blogs published daily without a break.
  2. The trust of many friends who have allowed me to be a part of their personal development journeys as a mentor and a coach.
  3. Scaling my business- 40+ clients across nine countries.
  4. Co-Creating an amazing AI-based insurance automation solution that is ready to go live in 2021.
  5. Perfios being recognized by CB Insights as one of Global Top 250 FinTechs.
  6. Completing the exciting moral and political philosophy online certificate course by Harvard Professor Michael Sandel. 
  7. My family being together for the last eight months.
  8. Seeing my wife and her friends organize a very successful online Classical music festival.
  9. Seeing both my kids leapfrog in their respective musical journeys.
  10. A memorable road trip to Penang with Friends.
  11. My sons receiving accolades and awards for excellence in both Academics and Music. 
  12. Becoming a student again-learning the Mridangam, an Indian percussion instrument.
  13. A quick two-day fun trip to New Delhi to attend my niece’s wedding and catch up with all my extended family just before the lockdown.
  14. An online game called “Codenames”: A fun way to connect with extended family members in different parts of the world.
  15. A new ritual of daily morning walks with my wife. 
  16. Four new personal effectiveness habits that have made me more disciplined and efficient. 
  17. Weekend Classical Music jamming sessions of my sons.
  18. Weekend Family Movie Nights.
  19. Losing 7 Kgs just by moderating my food intake.
  20. Growing a beard for the first time in my life.

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  • Ramana, you should be an inspiration for all youngsters in the family! Yes, Poorna’s marriage was one the happiest occasions before the onset of the pandemic and we could get all over overseas relatives over. I am just trying to list my best 20 for 2020! God Bless us all.

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