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What Is The Situation Telling You?

What is the situation telling me
What Is The Situation Telling Me?

There are times when we all get stuck, where things don’t go the way we anticipate. People don’t behave the way we want them to, or the results don’t happen when one expects them to happen. We feel we are working very hard and doing all the right things(at least that is the way we think in our heads!!), but the results we expect elude us.

There is one good question I ask myself whenever I struggle with some intractable challenge.

“What is it that the situation is telling me.”

This question helps me hunt for the truth instead of getting stuck with a victim mindset. Is there something obvious that I should look for that I am turning away from? Are there any lessons for me here?

This line of questioning helps me find the answers within myself. Invariably, the answers point to some fear I am not facing up to or some actions I am shying away from, or some behavior of mine that is contributing to my struggle.

When I struggle with any challenge, it feels like I am stuck in a deep jungle, not knowing how to get out. The question “What is the situation telling me? ” is like a high-powered torch that helps me locate the forest trail out of the jungle.

It is always the question that enlightens.

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