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Avoid The Three C’s

Three C's

If you want to be effective in your life, you should focus your time and energy on things that you can control. Schedule your time in activities that fill you with a sense of hope and positivity.

Three things that crush your productivity and effectiveness are Comparing, Complaining, and Criticizing.

The terms are self-explanatory. If you find yourself comparing yourself with someone or complaining about something, or criticizing someone, know that you are in a negative spiral that will undermine the quality of whatever you do.

When you are in a pleasant and peaceful state of mind, creativity flows, and you are always at your best.

When you are in the throes of the three C’s, you are not peaceful. You are in a disturbed mental state.

People look up to you for the work you do. They would always want you to be in a pleasant and peaceful state. That is when they will derive confidence in whatever you are doing.

One thing you have control over is your own mindset. A great way to inoculate yourself against the scourge of the Three C’s is to start your day resolving to be positive, generous, and appreciative of people and situations.

Just this simple reminder will make you conscious whenever you see yourself getting into the Three C mode.

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