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A Riddle For The Weekend


Here’s an intriguing old riddle.

There were Five frogs perched on top of a lily pad. But then, one of the frogs decides to jump off. So, how many frogs now remain on top on top of the lily pad?

If you are thinking “four,” your arithmetic is good. But, unfortunately, this riddle is not testing your proficiency in maths.

It’s a life problem.

The correct answer is “five.” Yes, all the five frogs are still there, sitting on the lily pad.

If you read the question carefully, you will realize the trick in the riddle. 

The one frog only “decided” to jump. It did not jump.

We don’t get any marks for “thinking” about or “deciding” to do something. Value is only when the decision gets converted into some tangible action.

Well done is better than well said.

Benjamin Franklin

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