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Keep Your Physical Spaces Clean

Physical Spaces

The most organized, peaceful, and meticulous people I know are also the ones who have clean, uncluttered workspaces. It’s almost as if their external environment is reflecting their internal mental state.

Taking a cue from watching many of these folks, I have concluded that the physical space we live in is in a lot of ways a projection of our mind. It’s not just your workspace; it’s also your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or any other space where you inhabit most, every day. These physical spaces are an expression of your mind.

So, here is a simple mental model for everyone to consider.

  • A cluttered, unkempt space is a reflection of exactly that- a messy, sloppy mind.
  • A neat, organized setting is a reflection of a tidy, organized mind.
  • A minimalistic, low-clutter space is a reflection of a contented, peaceful mind.

One doesn’t need a coach or a mentor to tell us about how the mind is functioning. Just look at your surroundings, and you will know the state of your mindset.

That said, there is a converse relationship between the physical spaces surrounding us and how our mind operates. If you can keep the areas around you neat and uncluttered, it will help in keeping your mind on a leash, to be tidy and uncluttered. Whenever I have consciously kept my worktable clean, I have found myself feeling lighter, more energized, and more productive.

Our mind and our physical spaces operate on a symbiotic circular reference. One impacts the other. Take care to keep your external spaces uncluttered and tidy, and your internal mind-space will follow suit.

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