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Pain Helps You Focus


When we are in a state of comfort, our mind desires many things- Fame, Money, Power, Respect, Freedom, Attention, Growth.

But, when we encounter pain of any sort, our focus sharpens to only one desire- to eliminate the source of pain.

  • So, if you lose your job, you are not thinking about a hundred things. You think only about what you must do to get into another job or figure out what you can do to make the best out of the situation.
  • If you are sick, all you are thinking about is how to get better.
  • If you lose a loved one, you grieve and think about how you can enrich your life with those still with you.
  • You lose a ton of money in the stock market. Now, all you are thinking about is what you must do to restore your wealth. 

Our desires, while important, cloud our peace of mind. Pain is often the catalyst that forces us to focus on what is truly important and let go of the rest. Pain can be great source of clarity if processed correctly.

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