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Always Play To Win

Play to win

If you think of life as a sport, there are always situations where you win some, and you lose some.

It could be a job interview, a sales pitch, an entrance exam, or any other competitive scenario-there is always one reason for why you win.

You win because, on that day, you play better than the other people you go against.

However, in contrast, there can always be two reasons why you lose.

  1. The other side was better and played better than you on that day, even though you fought hard and gave your best.
  2. You thought the other side was better than you, stronger than you, and you gave up even before you got into the game.

If you are playing the sport of life, always go in assuming that you are there to win. If you are better, you will undoubtedly win, and even if you are not better, there is always the possibility that the other side is thinking you are better and has already given up. You might just get lucky.

Don’t go into anything half-hearted. Play hard and play to win !!

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