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Seek Out Diversity


It is a normal human tendency to belong.

So when we go to any new place, a new setting, we seek whatever is familiar- familiar faces, familiar locations, familiar food- because this is what makes us feel comfortable. So we naturally gravitate towards people like us, who see the world the same way that we look at the world.

While it is natural to seek out the familiar in any unfamiliar setting, we should not resist engaging the unfamiliar.

You should make an effort to spend time with people who are not like you, people who come from different backgrounds, people who have had experiences that are different from what you have had in your life, look at things in a very different manner compared to how you always have.

When you spend your time with folks who are unlike you, you begin to find something different within you. And this is the best gift you can give yourself-Seek to spend time with people who are not like you, and you may find something new within you.

The most growth I have experienced in my life has happened when I have moved into unfamiliar geographies, unfamiliar roles, engaging and building relationships with folks who were very different from me.

This is the philosophy of diversity. When I embraced diversity, it allowed me to consider diverse opinions and perspectives beyond my own. Exposing myself to different points of view allowed me to critically reflect on my assumptions and see the world from a fresh and new perspective. Thanks to the different perspectives, ideas, and voices coming from those around me, I grew as a person.

In diversity, there is beauty, and there is strength.

Maya Angelou

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