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There Is No Spotlight !!


Many of us live our lives every day thinking that there is a spotlight trained on us and that anytime we make a mistake, stumble or make a faux pas, we think there are loads of people around watching and judging us.

People who suffer from the spotlight effect often struggle with low confidence. Because confident folks are generally comfortable in their own skin, being ok with taking risks, failing, making mistakes, and maybe even looking like a fool.

For those of us who suffer from the spotlight effect, it would be very helpful to keep in mind two truths.

  1. People who judge others are often the ones who worry about the judgment of others. When you spend your time picking out flaws in others, unconsciously, you become conscious about your own insecurities and shortcomings. In judging others, you shift the spotlight onto yourself. 
  2. Broadly, except for a few folks who care about you, no one else really cares about you. The irony is, like you, everyone else is also walking around with their own spotlight, worried about what everyone else is thinking !! 

 When you break out of the spell of the spotlight, you will find yourself in a good place- confident and self-assured. 

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