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Start Small To Achieve Big

start small

How can you solve big or complex problems if you don’t know how to solve the small or easy ones?

How will you write the 500 words Blog if you don’t sit down to write 50 words?

How will you run 10 km if you are unable to run 1 km at a stretch?

How can you manage a large team if you struggle to manage one team member?

How can you speak to a large audience if you don’t practice communicating with a small group?

How will you excel at the big game if you don’t excel in the practice sessions?

The path to doing anything significant is by becoming very good at doing the small.

Intuitively, we all tend to resist approaching any task like this because we think- “Doing the small thing is so lame. I want to get straight to the real thing.”

Think of the last time you picked up the Sudoku Book thinking, “I am smart, so I’ll get directly to solving the hard puzzles,” and then realizing it is not easy and then giving up.

What we miss in our thinking is this simple principle. For anything we do, we must first become good at the basic level before improving upon it. The building always looks sexy when it is entirely constructed. But, without the foundation being laid first, there would be no building !!

So, if you are looking to become better at anything, my simple mantra is always to start small to achieve big.

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