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Your Emotions Are A Product Of Your Judgments


We get upset by external events many times. It is good to remember that it’s not the external things that upset us; it’s how we think about them. Stuff happens, and we then make judgments about what happens. If we judge that something bad has occurred, we will likely get upset, sad, or angry, depending on what it is. Similarly, if we judge that something bad is likely to happen, we will likely get scared or become fearful. Upset, sad, angry, scared, and fearful are all emotions that are the product of our judgments.

Things in themselves are value-neutral. What might seem like a disaster to one might just be a matter of indifference to someone else or even welcomed by someone else. The judgments we make introduce the element of value into the picture, and in turn, those value judgments become the source of our emotional responses.

The good news is that the value judgments we make are the one thing we have complete control over. Stuff happens, none of which is inherently good or bad, and it is within our power to decide how we value them.

This is the paradox of our life. We have almost no control over anything that happens around us, yet at the same time, we potentially have complete control over our emotional state.

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